Friday, January 11, 2013

Ubuntu OS for Phone

Just few days ago canonical has launched the operating system for Smartphone along with some hardware details and a brief trailer on how the OS looks like. Ubuntu's take on the mobile OS borrows a fair bit from desktop Ubuntu, as well as other mobile OSes, but it brings some new ideas to the table too. If you've ever used Ubuntu's Unity interface, you'll recognize the icon bar that slides out from the side. If you've ever used a smartphone, you'll recognize the notification bar that slides down from the top. But Ubuntu mobile takes that concept further than any of the other OSes out there.

Although Ubuntu’s mobile software is still in its early stages, an Android version of the Linux-based operating system was announced about one year ago in February 2012. This marked the first step toward a mobile presence for Ubuntu and Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth says that the software’s Android variant is set to launch this year. No carrier or manufacturer support has been announced yet, but the mobile Ubuntu handset should be provided by a “high end” Android manufacturer, according to The Verge. Full-fledged Ubuntu handsets are expected to come in early 2014, and this would line up with the company’s production schedule seeing as Ubuntu for Android was announced in early 2012. While we may not be seeing an Ubuntu device anytime too soon, a number of demo phones have been shown off in the UK. Over the next couple of weeks, downloadable images of the development platform will be available for the Galaxy Nexus. This device is the only known handset that will support Ubuntu for now, but Canonical is likely to roll it out to more devices as developers perfect Ubuntu’s mobile ecosystem.



Specification of Operating System:

  • Unified contacts
  • Secure full-featured web
  • Calendar coordination
  • Messaging and calls
  • Social networking services
Default Application
  1. Chromium web browser
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Google Docs
  4. Thunderbird Client
  5. Gwibber
  6. VLC player
  7. Ubuntu Photo Gallery
  8. Ubuntu Music Gallery

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