Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PCLinuxOS 2012-2 "Phoenix Xfce" has been released

PCLinuxOS is very user-friendly Linux operating system which gives you a out-of-box experience by giving most of driver in-built. PCLinuxOS is originally forked from Mandriva but now it is independent and very popular due to the wide range of the its desktop environment like GNOME, KDE, LXDE, Xfce, Openbox, Fluxbox, Enlightenment, IceWM.

PCLinuxOS 2012 "Phoenix" has been updated to version 2 in Xfce desktop environment on 20th Feb, 2012. Linux Kernel is and Xfce version is 4.8.3, X.org 1.10.4, Mesa 7.11.2 and many other updates like 3D support for most Intel and N-VIDIA graphics cards and theme update also. 


  1. I've been with ubuntu, this OS sounds interesting and it's a linux OS!

  2. I liked PCLinuxOS enough to choose it as my install in 2010 but PCLinuxOS's policy of breaking repositories and leaving users with no updates or ability to install programs due to dependency errors.

    I have seriously considered upgrading by installing 2012.02 KDE, and especially Xfce version, but after testing the LiveCDs and discovering that the LiveCD only starts in 1024x768 and trying to get it to start in 1366x768 results in too many errors and crashes and asking to Reboot (it is impossible to reboot a LiveCD and have the changes to display settings activate on restart - so it's a silly message telling the user to do so), so I gave-up. One other issue with PCLinuxOS 2012.02 was it refused to allow me to see NTFS or ext4 format hard drives, even when using root - it just kept giving an error message about not being able to mount the drives despite being able to see them. PCLinuxOS 2012.02 on my Sony laptop with Intel graphics and Intel Wifi issues - it doesn't detect Intel 5100 WiFi chipset at all - means it's of no use to me. I'm sorry to say that PCLinuxOS have forced me to search for an alternative and better distribution.

  3. it might happen that you face some problems in the latest version . . .so its better to use stable version not latest . . .so you can try ubuntu 10.04