Monday, February 13, 2012

The Chakra Project Linux 2012.02 has been released

Anke Boersma announced the availability of The Chakra Project Linux 2012.02 on 12th Feb, 2012. In this version Chakra Linux comes with K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.8 and the codename is "Archimedes". It uses Linux Kernel 3.2.2 and one new theme is introduced in this version is Ronak. GRUB 2 is also included on Final release. 

Chakra Linux

The Chakra Linux is originally forked from Arch Linux and contain many packages in DVD version and minimal installation in CD version. Qt 4.8 also included in this version. The design and looks of Ronak theme is very attractive and stunning.


  1. Is it forked??
    Is it not an Arch derivative?

  2. Pity there are so few apps available. Having to search their forum on how to find some apps I needed and discovered that they don't have or I have to modify repositories. Clam antivirus refused to install. It's not for the new to Linux. apart from that it looks lovely.

  3. Chakra linux needs an easy partition disk tool like Ubuntu uses, with three options like: 1) Erase and use the entire disk, 2)Install them side by side-with Windows, choosing between them each startup, and 3)Specify partitions manually-Advanced. I think that is the easiest method for beginners to install Chakra linux on your PC or Laptop.

  4. @anonymous : it isno an Arch derivative. its forked from Arch . . .

  5. @anonymous : Chakra is developing ans new so you might face some problems but they try to increase it day by day. so after 1 or 2 version you find it more better then now.

  6. @Michael : Chakra is developing ans new Linux so you face some problem during installation but they try to improve it.

    In Ubuntu it is very easy to install because it is very large project. On other hand Chakra Linux is very small scale project so improvement is bit slow. But you can suggest them this method for installation .

  7. Linux Chakra is absolutely best OS I have tried. Ubuntu wasn't for me.