Saturday, January 14, 2012

Microsoft ready to war with Linux : Banned booting of Linux on ARM based Windows 8 Devices

From recent news, it seems that Microsoft banned booting of Linux or any other operating system on ARM based Windows 8 devices. From this decision of Microsoft, it seems that they are ready to war with GNU/Linux operating system. Due to the UEFI secure boot protocol, any other OS rather than Windows 8 can not run on ARM based devices.

If you buy any hardware, it will be yours and you can run any operating system of your choice. Now a days ARM is used not only in mobile device but also in tablets and notebooks. Microsoft attempting to kill GNU/Linux from ARM based devices. It sounds very pathetic and insane. So they should back off their decision otherwise it seems that there are starting of war between Windows and GNU/Linux.


  1. this is typical of micro crap, because Linux is better and fast catching up.

  2. I switch people to Linux every week and they love it, too bad for micro crap bully boys.are you scared of changing from crap XP or win 7 garbage try Zorin 6 its the same but faster and reliable, no screen of death etc etc Also try Mint Terry.
    Micro crap days are numbered.they have done there underhanded tactics for far too long, wage war buy or use the free versions of Linux.