Thursday, January 26, 2012

New attraction in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS : HUD [Head-Up Display]

Mark Shuttleworth announced on his blog that Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" comes with the idea of VUI [vocabulary user interface]. The user click on particular application or just told to open the application, the key different between them is the efficiency in user speech and the invocation of the application.

The name of this feature is HUD [Head-Up Display]. And it takes less time then mouse-click and the ease of it is that you don't have to remember hot-keys just type what you want and it'll give it to you.

Here is the stunning video of it in which you can see how much HUD can help you.

The HUD is very smart VUI. It uses many calculation and algorithms for results. It displays your prioritize result first and then the others. And it gives you more better experience than Unity dash.

And at the end, Mark said that their next step is to integrate the HUD with the voice recognition system. So you can talk with your software and instruct it.

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