Saturday, March 10, 2012

Linux Mint 12 LXDE has been relased

Clement Lefebvre has announced the availability of Linux Mint 12 LXDE version on 9th Mar, 2012. It comes with many new features and contain new updates. Due to LXDE desktop environment it is very light-weight and fast. It contains the features from Ubuntu 11.10 and contain Linux Kernel 3.0 and LXDE 0.5.0.

Duck Duck Go is the default search engine because it is fast and uses open source system. Now a days Linux Mint is very popular Linux operating system because of its user friendliness. It available in both 32-but and 64-bit architecture and also comes in two methods with codecs and without codecs.


  1. What is LXDE?? What is the difference in Mint 12 KDE and LXDE?? Which on is better to use??

    1. Its a Desktop environment. Linux Mint 12 uses the Gnome desktop environment while Mint 12 KDE uses the KDE.

      The choice of your desktop environment depends on your hardware and/or your personality.

      KDE is heavyweight but it have more fancy stuff (like 3d transitions and effects) and heavier application set. It also offers full customization.

      GNOME 3 is lighter, simpler, it uses 3d effects as well but since version 3 its a bit difficult for the user to customize it that much.

      XFCE is even lighter and similar to the old Gnome 2 but is more customizable and uses diferent/lighter application set than Gnome.

      LXDE/Openbox is very lightweight and uses just 50-100mb of ram while you can have basic composition effects like shadow,transparency and fade-in/out with the installation of a composition manager like xcompmgr.

      E17 is another story... Very lightweight, and very fancy with 3d stuff! Nice mix of these 2 elements.

      Its easy to get info about them on Linux Mint website

      Wiki Page

      Or on the official websites of each desktop environment

  2. LXDE is a lightweight and fast desktop environment.
    KDE is another desktop environment with a lot of 3D effects.

    KDE is the most popular of both.

    There is no better environment.
    LXDE use only few resources (fine for old box).
    KDE needs a lot of resources to work well (especially RAM and 3D graphic card).

  3. I have been using KDE for years now, and it has been my favorite Desktop Env. However, I have grown frustrated with it. It's a pain to find your way around to get it to work right, since it comes with lots of eye candy, which I don't need. I have been using all the latest iterations, and it has gotten better, but still frustrated with unnecessary hardship. Seigo does not seem to care much for us who like KDE 3.5, which I liked much better than their new iteration. He says KDE 4 is much better, so it must be better. So, finally I started looking at options. Tried Unity, didn't go to far with its limitations. Gnome is not my cup of tea either.

    Then I tried LXDE again and QT Razor, and I'm impressed at their simplicity. I started using LXDE everyday now, while looking to see what QT Razor comes up with. KDE lost another user. But who cares? Some KDE developers say KDE 4 it's better, and who I am to argue with them?

    In the mean time, all you KDE and Gnome frustrated users, try LXDE and QT Razor. I think the future belongs to such DE's.

    With the move to portable computers, the target should be for quick, agile environments, not one who drags the user down.

  4. LXDE with Cairo-Dock makes a damn good combination (you get a light desktop environment and Cairo-Dock brings a shiny taskbar and launcher abilities).

  5. I run LXDE on all of my systems, from a 2004 Toshiba laptop with 1gb of RAM, to a 24 core 96RAM beast.

    Sadly no Mint due to lack of 64 bit support for most of my machines which (all but 2) have 16gb of RAM or more. LXDE isn't just for old systems!