Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to install mint 10 xfce on vmware workstation 7

here we show the method of how to install ubuntu 11.04 on vmware workstation 7 step by step.
  1. open vmware workstation 7 and click on the “new virtual machine” then select “typical”[already selected] and click on the next.
  2. then select the option “installer disk image file (iso)” then select the path of iso image of mint 10 xfce and click next.
  3. then enter your name,username,password and click next.
  4. then give the name of virtual box and select the path and click next.
  5. then select “split virtual disk into 2 GB files” it gives you advantage to transfer the virtual machine into the other hardware, and  give the disk space to the virtual machine [min:4GB] and click next.
  6. now customize hardware according to your need and set RAM according to your total ram [512 MB RAM is enough to work with mint 10 xfce] and click on finish.
  7. now turn on the virtual machine.
  8. now select your language as "English[United States]" and click forward.
  9. now select your timezone.[here "asia/kolkata"]
  10. now in keyboard layout do not make any change select "USA" bydefault and click forward.
  11. a window appear, in this window select the "edit partitions" option.A new table appear here select "device -> create partitions table".
  12. now right click on the unallocated space and go to the "create new partition" option and choose the varios parameters according to your need and click add.
  13. then go to "edit -> apply all operations" and close this window.
  14. now click on the "refresh" and by click right button select "assign to /" and click forward.
  15. then enter your name password and host name and click 3 times forward.
  16. wait until process is complete and then restart the mint 10 xfce.
  17. enjoy mint 10 xfce and there is no need to uppdate your driver first time like in ubuntu.
for any help watch this video.....

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