Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ubuntu 6.06 [Dapper Drake] reaches end of life

Ubuntu 6.06 [Dapper Drake] reaches its end of life at June 1,2011 on Wednesday.On June 1,2006, 5 years ago Ubuntu 6.06 released.Ubuntu Securities Notices will not generate information or update packages for Ubuntu 6.06.The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server is via Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server.

Mark Shuttleworth, the Founder of Ubuntu and Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager conclude that Ubuntu 6.06 [Dapper Drake] was the huge milestone fro Ubuntu community and after five year of its release we are still proud of it and how it served our users.
So its time for say bye bye to Ubuntu 6.06 and welcome the Ubuntu 11.04 on April 28,2011.

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