Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to install Linux Mint 11 on windows[virtual box]

In given video the method to install linux mint 11 on virtual box is shown and after that the step are written so you can easily understand.

  1. Open virtual box and press "Ctrl + N" or click on new.
  2. Select your operating system and version and click forward.
  3. Specify the RAM.512 MB is recommended but 1024 MB is good for easy working.
  4. Then create new hard disk and give the size as per your need.4 GB is minimum and click forward.
  5. In storage type, select the option "dynamically expanding storage" it will help you to transfer this virtual machine OS into another PC and click on finish.
  6. Now start the mint 11 and select your ISO file and click forward.
  7. After some waiting desktop will appear then click on "Install Linux Mint".
  8. Then select your language and click forward.
  9. Now select "erase disk and install linux mint".
  10. Select your location and enter your keyboard layout.
  11. Then enter your information and password and click forward.
  12. After some process the setup will finish and the dialog box appear "installation complete".
  13. Now click on restart.
  14. Enjoy your linux mint 11 on virtual box.