Thursday, August 11, 2011

Networking:Cisco and Micro-blogging:Twitter join the Linux Patent Group

The famous networking company Cisco and the leading micro-blogging website Twitter have become licensees of the OIN [open invention network]. The OIN created in 2005 to provide a patent pool for linux.The other 33 companies join to the organization in the second quarter of the 2011.

The organizations now will have royalty-free access to the portfolio of patents held by the OIN as long as they agree not to assert any of their own patents against what the OIN define as the Linux System. In 2005, OIN was created as a defensive measure to prevent patent aggression against the Linux Ecosystem.It was created by IBM, Red Hat, Sony, NEC, Novell, Phillips. Canonical became the 1st associate member of OIN in 2010.

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