Monday, August 15, 2011

Linux fever on Wallstreet

Christoph Lameter, the contributor of Linux Kernel will discuss how Linux reach widely to the financial exchange, stock exchange and other financial instruments at the annual LinuxCon conference in Vancouver this week.

The largest stock exchange, the NYSE[New York Stock Exchange] Euronext, is run on a Linux system. So it can generate 1,500,000 quotes and take 250,000 orders every second with the acknowledgement of each transaction in 2 ms.

Earlier the NYSE largely run on Unix, like Sun Microsystem's Solaris and HP's AIX. But because of the success of the Linux they move towards Linux based open source operating system. The another advantage is that the release cycle with Solaris or AIX is long term like 2-3 years but in the Linux this period can be reduced to the 1-2 month.

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