Friday, December 16, 2011

Kororaa Linux 16 : A Fedora-based Linux named "Chum" has been released

Chris Smart announced the availability of Kororaa Linux 16 which code name is "Chum" on 16 Dec,2011. The Kororaa is originally based on Gentoo Linux but after 2010 it is based on Fedora Linux. The main aim of this Linux is to provide the easiness and user-friendly packages.


KDE 4.7

This version is available in KDE 4.7 and GNOME 3.2. It also adds third party repositories like RPMfusion, adobe, chrome, virtualbox. Firefox 8 is the default browser adn comes with some in-built add-ons like DownThemAll, Flashblock, Xclear etc. It also includes microblogging client, multimedia support, video editor, VLC player and many more.

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