Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 5 Linux of 2011

1. Linux Mint :-

                          Linux mint is originally based on Ubuntu and Debian which provides all the stuff that you have to install after installing any operating system. So it is convenient to any user which does not have internet easily available. It provides facilities like media codecs, audio codecs, browser plugins and many other components in-built. It also uses the repositories of Ubuntu.

Website :-   www.linuxmint.com

2. Ubuntu :-

                             Ubuntu is the african word which means "humanity to others". It is freely available for desktop as well as server users. It is handled by a very large firm Canonical. Ubuntu is most popular operating system among user because it is fast and easy to use. It is originally based on Debian.

Website :- www.ubuntu.com

3. Fedora :-

                            Fedora is the project which developed under Ref Hat. Fedora is completely free and opensource. The main goal of Red Hat is to process openly for Fedora. Hence they find more participants from outside rather than this time. It is independent Linux operating system.

Website :- www.fedoraproject.org

4. Debian :-

                            Debian is global Linux operating system which is independent and built on Linux core. Debian comes with more then 20,000 packages free of charge. It is developed many of the desktop manager like GNOME, KDE, Lxde, Xfce, FluxBox, BlackBox, AfterStep.

Website :- www.debian.org

5. OpenSUSE :-

                             The OpenSUSE is the free operating system which sponsored by Novell. It is independent Linux operating system originate from Germany. It is very populer among rpm user. They try to make it more easier and spread it world-wide to more and more users.

Website :- www.opensuse.org

Source :- www.distrowatch.com

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